Georg Schlueter, PhD

Founder and Chief Executive, Principal Investigator.
Georg has an affinity for fighting complexity with simplicity.
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Bijan Zayer, PhD

Director, Corporate Strategy

Rene, Naert. PhD

Director, Industry and Academic Relations.
Prof. and Director of Programs, Alliant International University, CSML.

Reza Hosseini, DBA

Director, Program Development.
18+ years as CEO of a Business Consultant Firm.
LG, Samsung, and RedBull regional brand manager.
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John W. McCready, PhD

Director, Cyber Security, Information Management & Decision-Support Systems

Tem Bugarin, DBA

Dep. Manager, Engineering Mathematics and Statistics.
Navy Captain, ret., A 30-year veteran of traffic-related phenomena and issues

Richard Young, JD

Accounting, Financial Analysis, and Reporting

Danna J. Cotman, Esq

Legal and Patent Strategies

Joe Mayo, MIT- BSEE

USPTO Registered Patent Agent