About Dr. Georg Schlueter

Georg Schlueter. PhD

Georg’s background and interests are in Physics, Engineering, and Business Economics. As a business manager, adviser, and educator, he serves a diverse range of industries and developed a strong interest in process automation. His trademark is fighting complexity with simplicity.

In his projects with international corporations like, for example, Qualcomm, Siemens, and Eli Lilly, to name a few, he learned to look for applications of first principles rather than being guided by analogies. Many of his projects achieved ROIs in the 300% to 500% range.

In order to raise the productivity of industries as a whole, Georg changed his focus from specific industrial processes to generic overall industry performance characteristics. He faced the challenge of integrating natural laws, human behavior, and social interest. While integrating seemingly conflicting characteristics, Georg developed generic paths to promising solutions. The novel integral solutions appear to provide suitable platforms that enhance particular industries’ transitions into the digital age.

Encouraging communications with his colleagues and partners, including the US National Science Foundation (US-NSF), inspired Georg to found Hansa Tek Netics (HTN) to pursue his new interest in a structured manner.

To date, HTN’s Intellectual Property (IP) includes three pending patents submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office (US-PTO). Two patents are for novel freeway traffic flow management systems, and one is for effectively managing traffic flow on urban transportation corridors.

HTN’s goal is to assist transportation authorities around the globe during their transitions from today’s inhibiting traffic flow phenomena to a smooth and passenger-friendly mass mobility ecosystem.

HTN’s contributions to other societal interests are on the company’s drawing board.

Georg Schlueter. PhD