Uplift Institute & Charles Loftland

Uplift Institute

The Uplift Institute is a 501c3 non-profit corporation that advocates ideas and projects that promote the educational, economic, and environmental development and revitalization of neighborhoods. Uplift has implemented a philosophy of community-based eco-literacy for sustainable development through partnerships that support equitable career training, economic development, and positive environmental impacts.

The mission of the Uplift Institute is to motivate and mobilize the People to improve the quality of their lives through education, social equity, and economic empowerment in sustainable existence with the environment.

Charles Loftland

Dr. Charles Loftland, founder and CEO of  The Uplift Institute.

He has been a community change agent leader for over 25 years. He is involved in educational consulting, workforce development, and neighborhood planning.

Retired from the United States Air Force, Charles worked as a construction manager specializing in water systems and hydro-purification. As a founder of the Uplift Institute, he has focused the mission on sustainability through education, economics, regenerative infrastructure, and social equity.